6 Foundational Principles Every New Online Entrepreneur SHOULD KNOW BEFORE MAKING MONEY ONLINE IN 2022!

Fixing Your Money Issues

"Why sabotage your efforts to experience more money, wealth, abundance and success with unsupportive beliefs that keep you poor and struggling in your mind? Don't you know the beliefs and contents in your mind are precursors to your real life manifestations? What you believe will happen."

~ K.L. Sophia

Money issues stem from inner child programming's, which are old emotions, thoughts, beliefs and experiences with money, things or people. It can and will hinder your progression steps toward meeting your financial goals.

Money should not ever be an issue in a world that is so abundant with opportunity!

The point here is that if we are experiencing a lack of money in our lives, it is due to our own cyclic programming's that we have became accustomed to replaying in our mind, body and soul.

*pull up a seat*

Money? It's deeper than "not having enough" of it. Money is a relationship.

It is influenced by your pain, your joy and your inquisition. Money is linked to your emotions, thoughts and choices and is a direct reflection of what you have programmed within you. Does thinking about the lack of money help you?

Lack does not help you at all. If your goals are to create a life where you are living a financially free life, then lack cannot and will not support a vision of abundance.

The thing about your old programming's are that they can be listened to and witnessed when you pay attention to yourself without any judgement. You can always observe the real you. Of course, there will be steps to take as you peel back the many layers constructed, but the truth is that you will build back a foundational reality that is fueled from wealth, abundance, prosperity, balance, success, joy, satisfaction and everything that supports and empowers your financial growth.

Is lack present in your reality? That's old programming. The average working class individual has been sold a story of working for another and now we must end it. Our parents did it, and we dabbled in it for a little, and our children will be financially savvy humans!

It is the will that the future of your life is filled with massive wealth, abundance and prosperity.

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